Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When will he ask..

As time passes by I wonder when he's going to ask. Ask me the one question that every little girl dreams of. The question about finding her one and only, her prince charming. I just found out today that my cousin (who is 3 years younger than me) just got engaged. As I am very happy and excited for her, I find myself dwelling on when my boyfriend is going to ask me. Although this action is all in God's hands, I am finding myself becoming less and less patient. I don't know what else to say, but I am at a loss for words...and don't know how long I should wait...right now it's 4 yrs and 2 months...we'll see.

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Lacey said...

I'm amazed when people find themselves on pins and needles waiting for "The Question" to pop up. I flee commitment like the hounds of hell are after me. I wish you the best of luck, though, and I'm sure he'll ask eventually. I mean, you don't just stay that long with someone for the heck of it - you gotta feel some level of "this is it." You know? Patience, young grasshopper. Or, you could always ask him?